Dir. Gonnie Zur


Attempting to get clean, enveloped by an evocative presence, Rachel battles her ruinous yearning to live within her memories. Caught between reality and delusion—trying to keep the reveries alive in her mind—she knows she must let them go if she wishes to keep her head above water. 

Concept  Gonnie Zur & Angeliea Stark  Design  Yuxiao Zhang

Concept Gonnie Zur & Angeliea Stark
Design Yuxiao Zhang

At its core, Foam is a glimpse into a universal human experience. Focusing on the nature of substance abuse through the visceral connection between dependency and grief, the film explores the recurring elements that make it inevitably hard for some to heal. We hope sharing it will open up a dialogue, spark questions, and leave others thinking about a larger issue we are experiencing as a society. We believes deeply that telling this story, at this time, is crucial.

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign that wrapped earlier this summer, the project is currently in its final stage of post-production.